When you owe-You gotsta pay!

Casinos to NYPD Blue Star: You Crap, You Pay
Posted Apr 21st 2008 2:00PM by TMZ Staff
Apparently Gail O'Grady is an expert in cards, because she's jacked two Vegas Casinos around, at least according to legal documents.Caesar's Palace Hotel & Casino and Bally's/Paris Las Vegas filed paperwork in U.S. Bankruptcy court, claiming the NYPD star owes them a fortune. According to documents, O'Grady, who has filed for bankruptcy, owes Caesar's $160,000 in gambling debts and owes Bally's $75,000. Both joints want to make sure the bankruptcy judge doesn't let Gail O off the hook.O'Grady admits she took out the gambling loans, but claims the casinos knew her financial situation and knowingly threw caution to the wind.Gail's reps had no comment.

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John Smithson said...

Love the woman. Wish she was not so freaking screwed up. NYPD Blue rules !!!