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Pacquiao puts on a great show and Wins!

The best part as follows:
ROUND 9Diaz’s face is a mess as the round starts and Pacquiao resumes the assault. Pacquiao lands a three-punch combination to the head. Diaz throws a left and a right, which Pacquiao blocks with his gloves. Diaz simply can’t land much. Straight left by Manny snaps Diaz’s head back. Diaz’s left eye is blackening and closing quickly. Pacquiao circles and flicks a couple of jabs. Right hand inside followed by a left sends Diaz down face first. The ref doesn’t even bother to count and waves off the fight at 2:24. Pacquiao wins by knockout

Phil Hellmuth is NOT All In..

Thu, 26 Jun 2008 14:53:49
Phil Hellmuth In'n'Out
Phil Hellmuth, in classic Phil Hellmuth form, arrived two hours late to the tournament. He then proceeded to play one hand, flopped a pair and a flush draw, missed and stormed out, saying, "How the hell am I gonna hit a hand?!"

Layne Flack Wins his 6th WSOP bracelet!

Tue, 24 Jun 2008 15:22:03
Achy Breaky PLO8
We've just overheard Layne Flack singing the song "Achy Breaky Heart" to his tablemates. In response to his singing, Layne claims, "When I sing it at karaoke, the women go crazy."

Scotty Nguyen is All In Baby

Sun, 22 Jun 2008 12:56:25
It's Limit, Baby
Scotty Nguyen just took his seat. "No limit, baby, right?" he said. No, not no limit, the table responded. "We play no-limit triple draw I'm all in every hand, baby!" replied an unfazed Nguyen. Nguyen gets involved with Davidson Matthew on the first hand he is dealt. The pair capped it before the first draw. Each drew one card. Nguyen bet, Matthew raised, and Nguyen called. Nguyen then drew one card, and Matthew stood pat. Nguyen checked, Matthew bet, Nguyen raised, and Matthew just called. Both stood pat on the third round. Nguyen bet and Matthew called. Nguyen showed an 8-6-5-3-2 and Matthew mucked. Nguyen dragged another big pot shortly thereafter with a nine-eight. After the hand was completed, he picked up the nine and the eight and shouted to the table: "Don't you know? 1998, baby! 1998!"

LasVegasGinger works it at the WSOP!

Singer Emerald Yancey and LasVegasGinger
Hollywood Dave, LasVegasGinger, Miami John
Mr Johnny Chan at the "All In Energy Booth"
"All In Energy Booth"
Mr Doyle Brunson
Emerald, Scotty Nguyen, Ginger
Emerald, Amir Vahidi,Ginger
Layne Flack
LasVegasGinger, Johhny Chan, Jim Leung
Emerald, Miami John, LasVegasGinger