The Black Canary 2008

Black Canary is a fictional comic book character owned by DC Comics. She began in 1947 and was a later member of the Justice Society of America in its final years. When her husband, Larry Lance, was killed, in a 1969 issue of the Justice League of America, the Black Canary decided to leave Earth Two (then perceived as the home of the Justice Society) and travel to Earth One and become a member of the Justice League. In a few years, she became embroiled in a romance with Green Arrow.

All In Energy Tournament Winners!

They came, they played the "All In Energy Invitational Tournament" and Mike Getchen won big, To the tune of $80,000, Russ Campenella finishes 2nd and takes home $50,000. It was a great tourney and will be even bigger and better next year -So, buy online at and we will double your chip counts to qualify for 2009.

Scotty Nguyen wins the H.O.R.S.E.! and tips BIG!

At 4 o’clock in the morning on the biggest day of the World Series of Poker’s summer session, Scotty Nguyen was steaming.
On a nearly deserted red carpet outside the Rio Pavilion entranceway, Nguyen was muttering about a brutal hand that had just taken place in the world championship HORSE tournament inside.
A few straggling fans, oblivious to Nguyen’s pacing, ranting, raving and apparently sour mood, approached with their digital cameras to request an impromptu photo session with the poker icon.
Though he was more than 12 hours into a punishing session at the final table with a $1.9 million top prize at stake, Nguyen’s demeanor changed instantly.
“You got it, Baby,” said Nguyen, always the poker ambassador, his smile now as bright as the Strip hotel lights in the middle distance.
“Bring home that bracelet, Scotty,” one of the fans said.
A little more than an hour later, Nguyen did, finishing atop a field of 148 players Monday in the $50,000-entry mixed-games event that poker professionals consider the game’s most demanding test of all-around skill. The next morning, Scotty showed up at the All In Energy booth and tipped the All In Girls $100.00 each. We love you Scotty!