TriSpecs Designer Stereo Bluetooth SunGlasses at the CES 2009

CES 2009: Trispecs Designer Stereo Bluetooth Sunglasses
I am so excited to be work this weekend at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show promoting "TriSpecs". They are a pair of “designer” sunglasses that also work as wireless stereo headphones and a bluetooth headset. They feature noise elimination acoustic technology, dual microphones and dual speakers. The sunglasses are available in a variety of features, styles and colors - including female specific versions. Yay!

Feature Run down:

* Power turns on by extending the in-ear speakers
* Voice prompts and voice dialing for easy, hands-free use
* Instant, dynamic volume to compensate for noise changes in the environment
* Retractable standard earbud speakers or upgrade with in-ear barrel speakers
* One-touch activation of phone calls
* MP3 and call control buttons on the arms of the glasses
* Available in black, white, and metallic with optional designs and style elements
* MSRP Staring at $199.00
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Anonymous said...

you were a wonderful model and looked great in the glasses!