The $20.00 Martini- Club Prive' Lounge @ Bellagio

"Cosmpolitan" made with Belvedere Vodka and Lime Juice-$20.00

My new office (per se) is at the lovely Club Prive' High Limit Blackjack Lounge @ Bellagio, where Cocktails start at $20.00 so, dont go for the drink specials. Instead go for the selection of fine liquor,featuring Chinaco 30th Anniversary "Emperador" Tequila, Xellent Vodka, and the elusive Louis The VIII Black Pearl Cognac -with only 768 decanters available worldwide, you will have to shell out $1300.00 to enjoy a snifter. They also offer Veuve Clicquot Champagne and delicious hand blended drinks to order.

Entrance inside Bellagio Casino

The Mixologist with the mostest "Kirby"

Club Privé is contemporary in feel with its elements evocative of the opulent art deco period such as a raised floor, interlinking metal, dark wood, and glass- and silver-leafed screen partitions. There are gaming tables where players may enjoy High Limit Blackjack in a private, relaxed setting as well as comfortable seating areas for groups.

Johnny works the 2am-10am shift-OMG, was I there past 2am?

At Prive' its all about the service and the high rolling, I always meet fun people from all over the world making it a very memorable evening.

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