From one catfight to another...Norm rants about Criss Angel

So, After the Holly Madison/ Alicia Jacobs catfight seems to have simmered, there's a new bitch fight brewing that once again involves that blogger that stole Paris Hiltons name. Last night on the red carpet before Miss U.S.A. Pageant the 2 former Criss Angel squeezes, Madison and Jacobs made nice, by bantering and being cheesy in the name of good publicity.
Norme Clarke and Anna Nicole Smith

This comes days after Angel introduced Perez Hilton as "the biggest douche bag, a$$hole in the world" during his show. Today, Norm Clarke the official Las Vegas Review Journal Entertainment Reporter voiced his opinion via his daily column that he thinks that Angel should be fired from his position as "house magician" at The Luxor, due to the offensive words aimed at Hilton. As If....Norme Clarke wrote "Criss Angel has to go" also, accusing Angel of threatening a reporter in the past. Hmm, do I smell another grasp for cat fight publicity?
Perez Hilton

Side Note-Last night Criss Angel was featured on the animated series American Dad. CRISS ANGEL Believe will be performed Tuesday through Saturday with no shows on Sundays or Mondays, there are two shows nightly at 7:00 p.m. and 9:30p.m. Call *(702) 262-4400 * 1-800-557-7428 Price-$59.00-$160.00

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