Nevada SPCA Pet Of The Week- Sparky Sparkles

Seniors like Sparky Sparkles have it tough enough when seeking new homes, but we also disclose all we know about the animals for adoption . . .

. . . And the fact of the matter is that this cute old boy can sometimes be grumpy, particularly with strangers or if accidentally awakened from a nice sleep.

So, Sparky Sparkles is a sometimes cheerful, sometimes grumpy fellow who needs a hero to love him for all his good, and in spite of his faults.

He is a medium-size Terrier mix with a heart-melting smile. He is neutered and about 10 years of age.

Sparky Sparkles is reportedly housetrained, crate-trained, and compatible with some dogs (though he is picky).

To err on the safe side for dog bite prevention, he requires a very experienced home and strictly no access whatsoever to children.

Like all dogs and other domesticated animals, we know he will sparkle and shine in the right home environment. Please ask for Sparky Sparkles by name at Nevada SPCA.

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