Nevada SPCA Pets Of The Week- Tex, McEnroe, Amber, Robby and Opal

Tex adores people and sports a very good natured personality.Affectionate youngster, chocolate Bully mix with golden eyes, neutered boy, 2 years.
We expect him to be compatible with kids, but this is unknown for certain.He may be compatible with some dogs.
An active lifestyle routine is ideal for Tex.

McEnroe loves playing ball, especially with tennis balls. He is reportedly housetrained.
He "sits" on command and he is eager to please and may need to be the only dog in the home.
He adores adults, but gets nervous around young children.

Amber is a Jovial young girl, slender Bully mix, special needs, spayed, 4 years.
She is blessed with a heart of gold and she is overjoyed when she knows you are happy with her.
She has neurological deficiencies (birth defect) that slow her walking and running, especially when excited, sometimes getting her off-balance.
So please take extra safety precautions throughout your home and yard, particularly around stairs and swimming pools.

Robby loves sharing his smiles with you. If you smile back, he brightens even more.Gracious, friendly boy, tuxedo Bully mix with Retriever, neutered, 4 years.
He is friendly and adventurous, ready to accompany you whenever he can. Active lifestyle may be ideal.

Sparkling jewel, cream & white Bully mix with golden eyes, spayed, 7 years.
Opal needs someone to love and she pleads for new consideration. She is great with kids!
She is housetrained and requires a one-dog household as she cannot be around other animals.
Special thanks to Pet'ographique for capturing her spirit in these new portraits.

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